Thursday, February 2, 2012

(EU) Valiant: CBT

Game Review
In a world which was created broken and separated to different dimensions caused by the power of light and darkness. Wherein humans were living peacefully, god of light and darkness created creatures (elf and mage) to follow their commands; and there the chaos began. 
Valiant sets you free in fantasy world inspired by both eastern and western elements of the medieval age. This side-scrolling 3D MMORPG game let’s you team up with friends and experience the adventure inside various dungeons with lots of monsters, obstacles, traps and also gigantic bosses at the depth of the dungeons. Players will be challenged to create unique variations of combo with the help of quick change and extend weapon features that will grant you the ability to switch between 3 different kinds of weapons within a few seconds. These are just two of the main features in the game that could add the hype while playing an action packed fantasy side scrolling MMORPG, Valiant.

Game Features:
  1. 3 Race/Classes to choose from.
  2. Wide range of customization for your character.
  3. Dungeon system and Monster Riding
  4. No-Class concept for weapons.
  5. Combo & Finish Action
  6. PVP System.